About Us

TLH Group has been pioneer in introducing many new products for the car number plate (since 1979 yrs) and signage material, and then, also the pioneer company to provide the nation wide maintenance service (M & E, building, slurped machine and signage ,etc) in Malaysia.


Imagine a service so impeccable and efficient that all you need to do is to make one call and your problems solved.TLH Group makes that possible with their pioneer one-stop solution product. Be it storefront maintenance, interior decoration, renovation, office supplies, furniture to air-conditioner maintenance, we can make it easy for you.


Instead of getting different consultants and solutions for different occasions and problems, TLH can provide you an all-in-one consultation on setting up your business outlets by offering renovation, electrical, air-conditioner and even signage services.


Hass-free and centralized, you can now concentrate on making important business decisions and closing deals instead of wondering who to call to fix that leaking roof.


With certified consultants and professional support team that is situated in all states in Peninsula and East Malaysia, you can manage your business outlets nationwide with just one call to TLH ‘s headquarters and we will take care of the rest for you.