Director’s Note




It has been an exciting start for the TLH Group. Being the pioneer of a service so special, it is hard not to feel passionate about it.


Being in business in the past few years gave me the idea for TLH. In fact it is because of past experiences and frustrations that this completely new idea of ‘service’ came about.


Having to make dozen calls every time my business needed maintenance was always a chore. But looking for a trusted electrician for my business in Johor or Sarawak was challenge by itself.


Thus TLH was conceived where taking care of your business is our priority. Providing exterior and interior design, renovations, maintenance, servicing of building and equipment, we want to be your one stop service provider for your business outlets.


Because we understand what your expanding business needs, we have an amazing team all over Malaysia that is on standby waiting for your call at time of the day.


With this, I would like to end this note by stating that extra time equals to extra money making opportunities. Why waste it on trying to call your maintenance man?


Experience the TLH.